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Entrepreneurs Seeking Equity Financing...

Equity Review

When equity financing is identified as a source of funds in the business planning process, we can help explain and prepare the client to accept equity financing.

This process typically involves :

  • coaching

  • business plan scrubbing

  • navigation of available equity financing options

Coaching can include information on:

  • controlling ownership

  • company structure

  • securities issues

  • equity money required

This service typically includes 2-3 business plan reviews and corresponding meetings by multiple staff members to discuss the project and the results of each review. 

Note: The Enterprise Institute does not offer legal advice, but often makes clients aware of potential legal issues and makes a referral to the appropriate counsel.

Equity Review & Presentation Preparation

This service includes all services in the Equity Review and also includes additional time for presentation preparation and introductions to appropriate funding sources. Once the business plan is complete, EI staff will work with the client to prepare and deliver a presentation. This includes practice presentations to staff and partners. EI staff will also work with the client to provide appropriate referral introductions to angel funds and venture capital groups. 

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Inventors & Entrepreneurs Seeking Research...

Competitive Market Analysis

This Competitive Analysis is a focused market research report that is done primarily for an inventor or entrepreneur that has a product idea and wants to determine if it is unique. 

This Research attempts to answer two questions:

  1. Is the exact product in the marketplace?

  2. Are there other products that would be considered competition?

The result of this analysis is a report that identifies and details up to 10 products that could be viewed by customers as competitive products.